Those Curvy 4K’s

There’s a new revolution happening in the television industry, and you may have not heard about it just yet. The audio/video industry came out with some news this year regarding high definition TV when it introduced 4K Ultra High Definition.

The Desktop Monitor Game

Today’s question deals with how to turn a regular desktop monitor into a gaming monitor.


“So I wanted to use my Vizio smart TV as my gaming desktop monitor. Now my smart TV doesn’t have a VGA port or …

Card Readers

Today‘s question deals with transferring data from a camera to a PC through a micro SD card reader.

“I’m looking for an adapter to download pictures from a micro SD …

~Cable Markings~

CM, CMR and CMP are all markings that can be found on different cables, but what are the differences between them all? We sorted them out and came up with a list of some of the more confusing codes.


DVI Monitors Vs Duplicate Images

Today’s question is in regards to splitting DVI monitors up:

   “I recently purchased two Mini DisplayPort to DVI Converter, but is there away to split the two DVI monitors up instead of having duplicate images?”

 The answer is:

You can’t

Siamese Cable

Today’s question revolves around surveillance cable:


“I am looking for cable for my security camera. It would need to handle video audio and electric for the camera. I would need at least 1000 feet.”

If the camera system uses …

HDMI Lengths


Today’s question revolves around HDMI lengths and accessories. 


“I want to hook up my desktop to my HDTV with an HDMI cable so I can watch videos from my computer to my TV. But the distance between my …