Rear Projection TV and a PS3

Rear projection TV’s are quickly becoming a thing of the past, but they are still in existence and can still be useful today. Today’s question revolves around hooking up a gaming console to an older TV. How is this done?

Q: “I am trying to connect my PS3 to an older rear projection TV. The TV has a spot for an HD input, the inputs are for the R/G/B Hsync and Vsync, then the red and white audio. The problem is that the component cable for the PS3 only has the R/G/B and audio. I tried hooking it up and I just get a scrolling image that is really distorted that just kind of goes up and down the screen like an old VCR with bad tracking. This was the only component cable I could find for the PS3, unfortunately the TV does not have HDMI inputs so this is my only option for hooking it up. Please help or tell me what I need to do. It also has the standard yellow red white, S-video connection too. And then something that looks similar to an Ethernet port but I know that isn’t what it is.”

 A: RGBHV is a 5 RCA video connection that has the same signal as a VGA computer connection. You cannot connect a video game system’s component video (red/green/blue) into that. If the TV had a DVI input that would work.

So it sounds like your best option is a composite video cable made specifically for the PS3. These consoles usually come with the cable included; if you misplaced it they are super affordable.


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