The Desktop Monitor Game

Today’s question deals with how to turn a regular desktop monitor into a gaming monitor.


“So I wanted to use my Vizio smart TV as my gaming desktop monitor. Now my smart TV doesn’t have a VGA port or anything to do with VGA so I took an HDMI cable and plugged it in my PC then plugged the other end into my tv then I plugged the TVs power cable into the power strip I have then into the TV. So I turned my TV on and checked both HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 and it says (no signal) please help don’t get all techy-tech on me because I’m not the best with tech.”

Our first suggestion is to turn the computer off and restart it. Then we would ask if the PC is connected to a standard monitor? The PC should be off when you are plugging everything in.

Once your computer is shut down, restart it with your TV set to the correct input (Whatever HDMI input you plugged the HDMI cable into should be labeled as input 1 or 2). If the PC doesn’t automatically detect the TV as your monitor, you’ll need to connect a standard computer monitor to play with the resolution settings.

In these situations, the number one troubleshooting step is to restart your system. This will usually fix any glitches that are occurring.






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