Which Switch?

Today’s question pertains to printers; older printers and inexpensive newer ones in particular. These printers do not have wireless capabilities like some fancier printers, but they are not obsolete and work well in small offices or homes. These

 Question: “

DVI to a VGA Monitor

One of today’s questions at CableWholesale was: “I need to connect DVI from my computer to my VGA monitor. How do I do that?”

There are a few steps involved when connecting a DVI cable from a computer to a …

Xbox on your Monitor

A question we recently encountered was “I don’t have a TV in my room. Is there a way to connect my Xbox to my computer monitor?” The answer is yes, and luckily it’s a really simple solution. The first step …

All About DVI

At CableWholesale we get a lot of questions about DVI cables and how they are used. We wanted take a minute to give a little background on these types of cables. For starters, the acronym DVI stands for “Digital Visual …