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HDMI Converters, Adapters & More

HDMI, TV, Video, Adapters & More

CableWholesale offers a full HDMI adapters, cables and switches.

HDMI High Speed cables are the newest and best iteration of HDMI cords that offer the latest features for your brand new HDTV, including 3-D, 1080p and above, surround sound audio, 4K and many others.

If you have a slightly older HDTV with limited inputs, you can try an HDMI switch box to add more inputs and outputs. To extend your HDMI signal, try using an HDBaseT HDMI adapter, or send a single HDMI signal from device to multiple TVs using an HDMI splitter.

We also have DVI to HDMI adapter cables to connect a computer to a HDTV. You can also get an adapter cable to take a DVI connection into an HDMI output. CableWholesale also carries adapters for Apple computers, including mini DisplayPort to HDMI, DVI or VGA for newer Macs and video cards.

No matter your high-definition cabling, adapter, splitter or switching needs, CableWholesale has it all. Check out our full inventory below or contact us for help finding the right cabling for you!