What’s Your Device? Part 1

Welcome to our “What’s Your Device” series, where we can help you find model numbers, serial number and all the other information you need to identify which device you have. Finding your device model can be tricky, and sometimes it is necessary to know what you have. Here we will help you find your specifications on a variety of different devices.


Finding your phone’s model type and model number will vary depending on what kind of phone you have:

iPhone: You can find the iPhone’s serial number by searching the phone’s interal settings. The serial number can also be found on the barcode of the box that your iPhone arrives in. Finding the iPhone serial and model number would be hard to find on the phone itself.

Android: Android users can typically find their serial numbers on the side of their phone batteries. You can get to the battery by removing the back of your phone, the battery should be right there in plain view. Both the serial and model number should be there in small print.

Hard Drive

When looking for your hard drive’s serial and model number, first determine who the manufacture is. There is a list of some of the top popular companies who produce hard drives today:

1. Seagate
2. Toshiba
3. Western Digital

These manufacturers not only make desktop hard drives: they also fabricate smaller portable hard drives as well. The first place to check when trying to locate the model number of your hard drive is underneath the device. There might be a small box with numbers inside; one should be the model number, the other is the serial number.

Toshiba hard drives identify their serial numbers in red, and their model numbers in blue. The serial and model numbers are typically located on the bottom of the hard drive or on the back of the device.

Western Digital puts their model number on a sticker that can be found on either the bottom or the side of their external hard drives. Western Digital always begins their model numbers with a “WD” and follows with a combination of about fifteen numbers and letters.


Different manufacturers will place their identifying numbers in different areas. As a rule, your best bet when trying to locate a model or serial number is to turn the tablet over. There is a good chance that these numbers will be toward the bottom on the back of the tablet. Remember that a serial number is usually abbreviated to S/N. The tablet’s model number will typically be found right next to the manufacturer’s name. For example: Samsung XYZ123  this is the model number.

Toshiba: This manufacturer has conveniently placed their tablet numbers on both the back and side of their tablets and they stick with their color code of red serial numbers, and blue model numbers. Toshiba sells a few different tablets; the Excite and the Encore are two of their best sellers.

Samsung: The Galaxy Tablet has been Samsung’s best seller for the last few years. The Galaxy “Tab” has the model and serial numbers in two places: on the bottom of the back of the tablet as well as on the front of the battery.

Apple: If you are an owner of an Apple iPad, then you are in luck when it comes to finding out about your device. Apple makes it extremely easy to find their serial number, you can find it on the product itself, or through your iTunes account. Once your iPad syncs with your iTunes account, go under the “device” tab and choose your device from the drop-down menu. Your device’s info will be shown there. This also works for your iPhone.
If you are looking on the iPad itself, the model on the back of the device is extremely tiny. The model number will typically begin with the letter “A” and will be followed by numbers.

Stay with us as we continue to explore different devices and how to find out what model you’ve got and where to find the info!

Our “It’s Already Mid-December” Gift List!

We are down to nine days before Christmas, but don’t despair, there is still a full week left to finish up your Christmas list! Check out our list below of some of the hottest tech gifts to close out 2015. These are all easy to pick up on the fly, so there is no need to be rushing around on Christmas Eve.

1. The Amazon Echo: This little speaker that answers to the name “Alexa” is at the top of many Christmas lists this year, as it is quickly becoming one of the year’s most popular gadgets. First and foremost, the Echo is a speaker. Through this speaker you can listen to your Spotify, iTunes, Pandora and more. Alexa listens to voice commands, so you can tell her what songs to play, what to skip and when to be quiet. Over time Alexa will become more attuned to your voice, and she will easily understand more commands. Alexa has a plethora of other functions in addition to being a speaker. She will search the web, check the weather, write you a shopping list and keep your calendar organized. The Echo is also the perfect companion for folks that have eyesight problems and can’t enjoy reading as much as they once did, as she will read audio books out loud while you relax. Alexa retails directly through Amazon for about $189, but if you are a Prime Member, there are sales available.

2. If the loved one on your shopping list is walking around with an outdated phone, upgrade them this Christmas! Apple just released the iPhone 6s this fall, and it comes with a ton of cool new features. The new iPhone’s 12 megapixels make for beautifully clear photos that come with the new “live” photo option. You have the option of the iPhone 6s with a 4.7″ display, or the iPhone 6s Plus with a 5.5″ display. The new iPhones come in four colors to choose from: rose gold, silver, space gray or gold. Most mobile carriers offer the new iPhone for about $200-$300 with a two-year contract, depending on which model you decide on.

3. If the person you are buying for is already an iPhone lover, they probably have the newest iPhone. So pick them up an iPhone accessory instead! Apple’s brand new extended battery case that has been all the buzz this December. This case is the first that is actually manufactured by Apple. The new case is perfect for those that are addicted to their iPhone, it offers them 25 more hours of talk time and 18 hours of Internet browsing. The way it works is that your phone will take power from the case first, and once that is drained it will start taking juice from your phone directly. You can monitor the amount of power you have under the notification tab on the front of the phone. Some users have reported not having had to charge their phone for almost a week, but that all depends on your usage. The new case will hit your pocketbook for $99, and you can purchase it directly from Apple, or wherever Apple products are sold.

4. If your friend or family member is an Android user they can get in on the extra battery action too! Just pick them up an external battery pack, the one that we carry here at CableWholesale is slim and comes in a candy pink color. This battery pack features a 3.5mm connection that will work with just about any smartphone and other gadgets too. This charger is good for two whole smartphone charges. $29.36. http://www.cablewholesale.com/specs/30w1-50040.php

5. If losing weight is on your New Years resolution list, then you should check out the Situ Food Scale. This little scale works through Bluetooth to give you the nutrition facts of what you’re about to eat. If you place an apple on the scale, the sugar count, calories, fat grams and the total carbohydrates of the apple will display automatically. Through the Situ’s app you can track the amount of food that you intake throughout the day. Keep in mind that the Situ only works with iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini models running at least iOS 7 (for now). Pick up the scale directly through Amazon for $120.

6. Apple TV, 4th Generation: The latest generation of Apple TV has just hit the market this year, and is all set-up and ready to be stuffed into a stocking. Apple’s newest set-top box has some great additions, including new games and apps that are going to be streamable through your TV via the App Store. The new Apple TV also comes with a remote that is enabled with Siri, so you can speak your demands rather than having to type them in. Siri will find you all of the movies and TV shows that you want to check out, all with a voice command. The new interactive remote will also allow you to swipe through selections instead of having to continuously punch a button. The 4th Generation Apple TV is available for $149 and can be purchased through Apple directly, or at just about any Apple retailer.

7. The Toshiba Chromebook is a great affordable gift that will work perfectly for anyone on your list that just wants a laptop with no frills, but that still meets all the basic needs. This 13.3” Chromebook comes has a 1080p full HD resolution and comes with SkullCandy speakers. The Chromebook’s battery will also last you up to nine hours on a single charge. You can snap one up for about $269 at Amazon.com or Best Buy.

Our Top Ten Christmas Apps to get You Through the Holiday Season

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, we are finally gearing up for Christmas. This week we got a list together of our top Christmas apps to start your season off right.

1. Charlie Brown Christmas App: This app is so well done, you can play it over and over again for Christmas’ to come. Follow along with the Peanuts gang as they walk you through the whole Charlie Brown Christmas storybook. This interactive app includes pop-ups, crystal clear graphics and sticks to the original theme. Peter Robbins, who was the original voice of Charlie Brown back in the 1960s, narrates the story. As an added bonus you can collect ornaments from each page in the story, and if you gather all twelve you get your own retro tree to decorate! $5.99. Available for iOS.

2. Christmas! Countdown to Santa: This cute Christmas app counts down the days till Christmas Day, letting you know how many nights of sleep you have left before the big day. The countdown is set to Christmas music to help get you in the mood. This app is free, and available for iOS.

3. OvenBreak Infinity: In this game you are a gingerbread man named “Ginger Brave” and your quest is to find eternal happiness by avoiding being baked in the oven. The obstacles include jumping and sliding over the hot flames. This addicting game is perfect for killing time in the holiday season. Free. iOS.

4. How the Grinch Stole Christmas App: This interactive app tells the story of the original Dr. Suess favorite right down to the Grinch saving Christmas while his heart grows two sizes bigger. This app is designed with kids in mind, as you can tap on different words to have them highlighted. But if you are a fan of the Grinch, it is fun for all ages. $3.99. Available for Android and iOS.

5. Santa Tracker: Not only does this app have a countdown to Christmas clock, but it also has a Santa tracker installed. This is a great tool to show kids where Santa’s whereabouts might be. $1.99. Available for iOS and Android.

6. Christmas Advent Calendar 2015: This app has twenty-four puzzles and games that are designed to help you countdown to Christmas. You will be entertained for hours, and the app has sharp graphics and plays classic Christmas music. 99 cents. Available for Android and iOS.

7. Shelf Elf Reminder App: Based off of the popular children’s book “Elf on the Shelf,” this app follows along with the adorable Elf on the Shelf on his nightly adventures as he reports to Santa in the North Pole. The app will ask you to set an alarm every evening so you can find a new spot for him to hide. $1.99. Available for Android.

8. Christmas Rink Live Wallpaper: Watch the days before Christmas literally fly by with this moving wallpaper app. Every time you unlock your phone you can watch different Christmas themes as they pass by in the background. The crystal clear bright graphics will put you in the Christmas spirit. You can even decorate your own tree! Free. Available for Android.

9. Appy Christmas: With this app you can interact with Santa directly, and have him mimic what you just said back to you as he helps you count down the days to Christmas. You can also poke and prod at him, and transform him into a reindeer. There is also an interactive Advent calendar to keep you entertained too. Free. iOS.

10. ZCraft Nightmare Before Christmas: This game is a play off the Tim Burton classic “A Nightmare Before Christmas,” with 3-D graphics similar to the popular game “Minecraft.” Your Character’s mission is to troll around with your shotgun and save Christmas from Santa impostors, zombie snowmen and evil elves. With every Christmas saved you earn 100 points. This will surely keep you entertained throughout the whole holiday season. Free. Available for Android.

11. Santa’s Bag: This app will help you get your Christmas shopping list organized, and is perfect if you are gift shopping on a budget. The app allows you to input the amount of money that you have to spend, and lets you decide how much you will shell out for each person on your list. This way you can get your gift list handled while still keeping track of your spending.
Free. iOS.