Tie it Up!

There is one thing that drives me crazy when I see it in people’s homes and offices. Clutter! Cable clutter is one of the worst offenses in the disorganization game. Cable ties were invented long ago, but I don’t see them being used nearly as much as they should. Instead, masses of cable clutter can be found on top of desks, around the TV and crowded around various electronics. It literally takes about five minutes to get cables organized and looking presentable.

There are various types of cable ties: plain ones, colorful ones, even some glittery ones. They come in Velcro, nylon, reusable plastic, throw-away and stainless steel. There’s literally something for everyone to choose from.  On top of all that they are cheap, just pennies on the dollar. So there is really no excuse not to invest in a few and get your space organized!