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Computer Products

Keyboards, Mice, Cases and more

A keyboard and a mouse are two of the most basic requirements for any computer. Without your USB optical mouse, how would you select which friend's status to check on Facebook, and composing an email would be very difficult without your qwerty keyboard. Not to worry – CableWholesale has those and much more!

In addition to standard keyboards and mice, we also offer flexible keyboards, gaming mice and even PS2 optical mice and keyboards for older computers without USB connectors. We also carry a full selection of USB laser mice, optical mice and finger trackball mice that are perfect for using during presentations.

Beyond your input devices, we have a great selection of cabling for connecting your interior components and output devices like monitors. We also carry cable testing equipment to verify if your cables are functioning properly, as well as video cards, speakers and power supplies to get the most from your machine.

No matter your computer component needs, CableWholesale has you covered. Check out our full inventory of computing items today!