Replace Your Keyboard Already

People get attached to their keyboards. Even when they get old, dusty and some of the keys have worn off, most folks keep these keyboards around forever. Working for a cable company, we see people everyday looking for old, outdated cables for their old keyboards. This is always baffling, especially when keyboards are so cheap nowadays. You can get a standard keyboard with no bells and whistles for fewer than ten bucks.

If you want to invest a little more into a new keyboard, we highly suggest a spill-resistant keyboard and mouse combo. It’s a little pricier than a standard keyboard, but worth its weight in gold when it comes to accidents. Liquid spills are a keyboard’s worst enemy; a surefire way to fry a keyboard. And who hasn’t spilled coffee on their keyboard? Our coffee cups usually sit just inches away from our computers like a silent threat. The same goes for your mouse. A spill-resistant keyboard and mouse duo would solve that problem, and ensure that both have a longer life span.

Foldable keyboards are another more recent phenomenon. They bend, fold and are washable as well. They have a USB connection, so you can plug them into any computer that has a USB port. Although it’s a full-size 109-key keyboard, its bendable nature makes it completely portable so you can throw it in a bag with your other portable devices. With a separate OTG adapter, you could even hook this keyboard up to your phone. This would come in handy if you have a long email to write while you’re traveling, and your phone’s mini-keyboard just takes too long.

Now that you have a few choices, you have no excuse not to get that old keyboard replaced with a shiny new one.

The Death of Low Battery

You know that feeling of dread you get when you are away from your phone charger and your battery is slowly dying? For many of us it’s our lifeline dying along with the phone. It always seems to happen at the most inopportune times too, when we are away from a wall or car charger.

One of the easiest fixes for this problem is to invest in a portable battery charger and replacement charging cables. These types of battery chargers have been on the market for awhile, but are not widely utilized. They are inexpensive and compact; small enough to throw in your bag on your way out the door.

Now that summer is right around the corner, these little chargers can really come in handy at our favorite summer hot spots. Phones often get drained outdoors – particularly at outdoor festivals. Most venues will offer a few wall outlets that allow you to catch a charge, but the downside is that you are stuck to the wall for about thirty minutes while everyone else is having fun without you. There are even some events that offer to charge your phone for you, but you have to surrender your phone to strangers for a few hours, which is enough to make anyone nervous.

Another spot where phones go to die is the campground. Your cell phone is an essential camping tool. It provides music, doubles as a flashlight and keeps you connected to the outside world while you are checked out. Wall outlets are usually scarce and reception can be dicey, which can cause your phone to use all of its power just struggling to find a signal.

There are a million other scenarios where a portable battery charger can really save the day. Pick one up and have one less worry this summer. The days of dead cell phones and low battery signals are behind us.