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If you’ve got a hefty arsenal of digital cameras in your stash, you know just how vital is to have backup cables and memory cards on hand. Our selection of digital camera cables includes data transfer cables that are essential for helping you upload your photos and other media to cameras, HDTVs, and other output devices. And, let’s be honest: we’ve all lost those little digital camera USB cables a time or two, so it’s not a bad idea to stock up on extras. CableWholesale also offers quality digital camera memory card readers that let you transfer your media from the card to your computer without the use of the camera.

Looking for the best digital camera cables on the market? You’re in the right place. We have basic options like USB and micro-USB camera cables that work with the majority of USB cable cameras. These high-quality yet low-priced cords also come in USB micro B styles, which are perfect for connecting cell phones, GPS units, and cameras that use micro B connectors. When it comes to camera cable, USB is the most common choice, but there are other types of cables that can be used with your camera. Explore Firewire, HDMI, camcorder, and mini USB camera cables for your application.

Need Firewire cables for your camera? We have exactly what you need. These cables can be used to transfer data between Firewire-enabled devices including external hard drives, camcorders, DV recorders, and digital cameras to other Firewire devices, like your laptop or desktop computer. Our mini HDMI cables are also great for transferring high-definition video from your camera to an HDTV or computer. Don’t forget to shop our memory card products to find affordable memory card readers that let you transfer data from device to device without the need to plug in your camera. Our cables come backed by a lifetime warranty and include quick shipping!

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