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DVI Product

DVI, Splitters, Converters and more

At CableWholesale, we have everything you need for your DVI video connections. From DVI repeaters, to splitters and converters, we've got the cables for any connection you have.

The standard DVI cable is one of the more versatile cables used for video from a computer to a monitor. The DVI does not carry audio, but it can handle digital or analog signals, depending on the capability of the computer and monitor being used. Our selection includes DVI-D cables, DVI-I cables and DVI dual link for high-resolution output, as well as cables for most other DVI standards.

We also offer a full selection of DVI converters. Whether it's DVI to VGA or DVI to HDMI, we have a great selection of conversion cables in a wide variety of configurations and lengths to carry your signal. We also stock DVI splitters to improve your signal strength and manage multiple output devices. We also have DVI couplers to connect multiple cables for extended distances.

For more information on the DVI standard, which includes DVI, DVI-D, DVI-I and DVI dual link, please read CableWholesale's article, titled DVI Demystified.

Take a look at our fill inventory online or contact us today for more information on any of our custom cables or accessories.