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DVI (digital video interface) is an industry standard when it comes to connecting a wide range of video displays, especially external monitors and HDTVs. CableWholesale offers the best variety of bulk DVI cable and accessories for your specific needs, whether you need standard DVI video cables (also known as DVI computer monitor cable) or are searching for the best-quality DVI splitters on the market. We can help you find specific components for a small, residential application and can just as easily help you stock up on wholesale cables for your commercial needs.

Because different PC versions and manufacturers vary in what type of port they use for external monitors and other displays, we offer a huge variety of DVI adapters and converters. Our DVI to HDMI cables are exactly what you need if you’re looking for a way to connect your flat panel and home theater devices to your PC or another device. We also carry a DVI to HDMI splitter (or an HDMI to DVI splitter, if that’s what you’re after) in our selection to make cabling as simple as possible. Our DVI to VGA converters include all the DVI to VGA adapter cables, including mini DVI to VGA, which you need to connect a variety of monitor and TV configurations.

Make sure to explore our selection of DVI splitters if you need to increase the number of ports you have available without losing picture quality. For example, the Gefen Two-Way DVI Splitter and Distribution Amplifier can be used to split video using a dual-link DVI source, like a computer, to two DVI dual link outputs, such as monitors. You can trust CableWholesale to supply you with the best-quality DVI cables and supplies at great, low prices. The majority of our cables are produced with premium, high-performance materials and come backed by a lifetime warranty.

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