Past 1080p and Beyond

Today’s question is regarding the newest TV resolution on the market: 4K

 “Do I need a new receiver for the 4K TV I ordered? I ordered a 4K TV and I know that 4K Ultra HD can run through HDMI cables but I just to make sure, that i don’t need a new receiver. I have a Denon AVR-E300.”

 Here are the specs for your receiver on Denon’s website. It lists 1080P as the max resolution. So it can send 1080P to your TV. Your TV would then be responsible for up converting that to the 4K resolution.

I am not seeing any mention of 4K anywhere on the Denon website. 1080P is the highest resolution listed. This is most likely because the receiver was listed before 4K made its debut. As for hooking everything up by HDMI, please keep in mind that all of our HDMI cables support the new 4K resolution.

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