Siamese Cable

Today’s question revolves around surveillance cable:


“I am looking for cable for my security camera. It would need to handle video audio and electric for the camera. I would need at least 1000 feet.”

If the camera system uses a coax cable for video in your setup, your best bet is to go with a Siamese RG59 coaxial video cable with the DC power bonded together. The Siamese cable consists of two 18AWG stranded power lines insulated together with an RG59 coaxial cable. These cables come in 1000 feet spools, but keep in mind that they arrive with raw ends, and you will have to add connectors yourself.

In the event that you need to bury the cable outside, make sure the cable is labeled “direct burial.” This means it is manufactured to hold up against the elements. These types of cables are best purchased in bulk, as the cable will need to be longer in order to be buried.

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