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Apple Compatible

Apple, Mac, iPhone, iPad & iPod: DisplayPort cables, Charger & Sync Cables, Accessories and more

Apple products are becoming more and more popular, so Apple accessories like iPhone cases, iPhone screen protectors and iPad screen protectors have become a hot commodity. As Apple continues to expand its product base, consumers have been in dire need of a way to protect their investment, while maintaining the stylish Apple veneer.

CableWholesale carries an incredible variety of these Apple accessories, so that you can get the gear you're looking for, at a price that will satisfy your budget. To protect your phone or tablet from daily hazards, we offer the following: iPad case, iPad 2 case, iPhone case, iPhone 4 case, iPhone 4s case, and iPod touch case. iPhone screen protectors offer your iPhone protection against common screen injuries like bumps and scratches, but, for the most secure protection, iPhone cases continue to be your best bet.

If you've lost or damaged your iPad charger, you already know that finding a replacement can prove to be an expensive hassle. At CableWholesale, we specialize in providing Apple accessories, in order to make your Apple experience run as smoothly as possible. Below you'll find a number of chargers for the iPad and iPhone that are compatible to any generation or incarnation of Apple product.

We also offer iPad screen covers, among others. Need to connect Mac computers to an HDTV? Then you'll need to check out our mini DisplayPort to HDMI adaptor, along with our mini DisplayPort to VGA adaptor, and our mini DisplayPort to DVI adaptor. With our increasingly compatible selection of options, you'll have no excuse to browse iTunes on anything other than your living room television.

For Mac computers data transfer, we offer many different connections: firewire cable, including firewire 800 cables. If you need Apple accessories of any type, from style to functionality, we're here to help.