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Fiber Optic Cables from

Fiber Optic Adapters, Converters & More

At CableWholesale, we carry a wide selection of fiber optic cables, connectors and Ethernet fiber converters for any home or office needs.

Fiber optic cable permits data transmission over longer distances and at higher data rates than other cables (as high as 100Gbit). Copper-based Ethernet cables, such as CAT5E and CAT6, have a maximum distance of 328 feet, but with an Ethernet fiber converter, you have the potential of up to 1.2 miles!

We also offer a full range of fiber optic wires in many different specifications, including single-mode, multimode, duplex and simplex in many different core sizes. We also carry many terminated cables in various lengths, with the main fiber connection types of SR4, SR10, MTP/MPO, SC, ST, LC, FC and MTRJ.

For longer runs cable, we also offer bulk fiber optic cable, which can be cut and fitted with connectors for any length you need. Our plenum bulk fiber will pass building inspections for cables installed between the floors of buildings.

For all your fiber optic cabling needs, there is no better place to look than CableWholesale. Look through our fill selection of products today or contact us for help finding the right cabling for you!