What’s Your Device? Part 1

Welcome to our “What’s Your Device” series, where we can help you find model numbers, serial number and all the other information you need to identify which device you have. Finding your device model can be tricky, and sometimes it is necessary to know what you have. Here we will help you find your specifications on a variety of different devices.


Finding your phone’s model type and model number will vary depending on what kind of phone you have:

iPhone: You can find the iPhone’s serial number by searching the phone’s interal settings. The serial number can also be found on the barcode of the box that your iPhone arrives in. Finding the iPhone serial and model number would be hard to find on the phone itself.

Android: Android users can typically find their serial numbers on the side of their phone batteries. You can get to the battery by removing the back of your phone, the battery should be right there in plain view. Both the serial and model number should be there in small print.

Hard Drive

When looking for your hard drive’s serial and model number, first determine who the manufacture is. There is a list of some of the top popular companies who produce hard drives today:

1. Seagate
2. Toshiba
3. Western Digital

These manufacturers not only make desktop hard drives: they also fabricate smaller portable hard drives as well. The first place to check when trying to locate the model number of your hard drive is underneath the device. There might be a small box with numbers inside; one should be the model number, the other is the serial number.

Toshiba hard drives identify their serial numbers in red, and their model numbers in blue. The serial and model numbers are typically located on the bottom of the hard drive or on the back of the device.

Western Digital puts their model number on a sticker that can be found on either the bottom or the side of their external hard drives. Western Digital always begins their model numbers with a “WD” and follows with a combination of about fifteen numbers and letters.


Different manufacturers will place their identifying numbers in different areas. As a rule, your best bet when trying to locate a model or serial number is to turn the tablet over. There is a good chance that these numbers will be toward the bottom on the back of the tablet. Remember that a serial number is usually abbreviated to S/N. The tablet’s model number will typically be found right next to the manufacturer’s name. For example: Samsung XYZ123  this is the model number.

Toshiba: This manufacturer has conveniently placed their tablet numbers on both the back and side of their tablets and they stick with their color code of red serial numbers, and blue model numbers. Toshiba sells a few different tablets; the Excite and the Encore are two of their best sellers.

Samsung: The Galaxy Tablet has been Samsung’s best seller for the last few years. The Galaxy “Tab” has the model and serial numbers in two places: on the bottom of the back of the tablet as well as on the front of the battery.

Apple: If you are an owner of an Apple iPad, then you are in luck when it comes to finding out about your device. Apple makes it extremely easy to find their serial number, you can find it on the product itself, or through your iTunes account. Once your iPad syncs with your iTunes account, go under the “device” tab and choose your device from the drop-down menu. Your device’s info will be shown there. This also works for your iPhone.
If you are looking on the iPad itself, the model on the back of the device is extremely tiny. The model number will typically begin with the letter “A” and will be followed by numbers.

Stay with us as we continue to explore different devices and how to find out what model you’ve got and where to find the info!

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