The Top Ethernet Cables for Gaming: Buyer’s Guide

The Top Ethernet Cables for Gaming: Buyer’s Guide
Every dedicated gamer knows how influential a quality setup is to the gaming experience. Among any well-rounded setup should be a reliable set of Ethernet cables. Equipping your gaming station with the right Ethernet cables reduces lagging and buffering—two connectivity issues prone to irk even the recreational gamers. To help you create your own premier gaming system with seamless streaming, CableWholesale investigates the top Ethernet cables for gaming.

Top Ethernet Options

The most popular Ethernet cable options for wired networks can be reduced to three cable categories. The three categories are Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a. They each have their own benefits within a network setup, all capable of providing reliable connection over a wireless system.

Though Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6a cables are all known to establish speedy and secure internet without pause, only Cat5e and Cat6 are popular amongst gamers.

Narrowing It Down: Cat5e vs. Cat6

Most gamers will find satisfactory connection with either Cat5e cables or Cat6 cables—so how do you decide between the two?

Due to Cat6’s more meticulous manufacturing standards, this type of cable is typically more resistant to interference than Cat5e. Let’s explore how the improved standards and structure make Cat6 cords the top Ethernet cables for gaming in this buyer’s guide.

Differences in Construction and Crosstalk

The two cable types differ in construction. One feature that Cat5e cables lack compared to Cat6s is a spline. Splines are found within the cables, separating twisted-pair copper wires.

The spline facet is considerable because of its added performance bonus for Cat6 cables. It promotes quicker and more durable connection, as the wire separation decreases the risk of their signal transmission interfering with one another’s.

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