How To Avoid Overheating Your Cabling System

How To Avoid Overheating Your Cabling System
When processing large volumes of data transmissions and requests, cables tend to heat up. Overheating continues to pose an issue for high-demand cabling systems and can result in costly data loss, cable damage, and network repairs. CableWholesale explores how to avoid overheating your cabling system to promote better network safety and performance.

Higher Category Cables

Cable manufacturers have vastly improved their products’ abilities to withstand heat. Since overheating is often associated with cable construction, opting for a higher category cable can often reduce this issue.

Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6a Ethernet cables all fare especially well with high demands. The more requests your network makes daily, the higher your category cable selection should be to prevent cases of overheating.

Utilize Shielded Cabling

Cables that use foil shields are best at dissipating heat. So, if you’re trying to nix the overheating problem, be sure that your cabling system is using shielded twisted pair cables in the first place.

Go for Smaller Bundle Sizes

Cables within a large bundle often experience higher temperatures than those in smaller bundles. If you can’t forego bundling your cables, smaller bundles allow for heat to escape more ideally than large heaps of cords.

Have Quality Cable Management and Maintenance

To avoid overheating your cabling system, you must have it organized properly. Using cable management tools and accessories, optimize your cabling system’s airflow. Airflow is imperative to network safety and performance.

One tip for best cable management is to disperse your cables when possible. You should also clean any accumulation of dust off your cables regularly. Both steps will counteract high cable density, which increases cable heat.

For over 16 years, CableWholesale has committed to providing high-quality cables and network accessories. Should you be looking to upgrade your network system, be sure to check out our wide assortment of cat5e Ethernet cable bundles. Their shielded structure doesn’t just improve their resistance to heat damage, but it also reduces crosstalk to provide clear and quick connection. Check out our website today for all things cabling infrastructure at an affordable price.

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