Dos and Don’ts of Installing Ethernet Cables in Your Home

Dos and Don'ts of Installing Ethernet Cables in Your Home

At CableWholesale, we understand the importance of proper cable installation. Not only does installing your wires correctly ensure a tidy setup, but it promotes a stronger and more reliable connection. CableWholesale supplies a list of dos and don’ts of installing Ethernet cables in your home so you can avoid common installation mistakes.


Do: Use Separate Color Schemes

Use different colored cables to your advantage. Sticking to separate color schemes can distinguish different cables in your network. Having a color-coded system will be especially helpful when it comes to troubleshooting or expanding your home’s wired setup.

Do: Check Your Cable’s Length

You should always check your cable’s length, confirming that it’s the right distance for your home. Stretching your cables could cause tearing and other unfavorable damage.

Do: Use Cable Management Accessories

With 150 foot Ethernet cables and longer, it’s especially necessary to have a quality cable management system in place. CableWholesale has a variety of clamps, wraps, and other cable management solutions to avoid a cluttered network, even if your system utilizes shorter length Ethernet cables.


Don’t: Bunch Your Wires

It’s important not to bunch your Ethernet cables during installation or bundle them too tightly. A disorganized setup will make it more difficult to troubleshoot if your network goes down.

Bundling cables tightly can impact their quality over time. Harsh wrapping may cause your Ethernet cords to bend unfavorably, damaging the wires.

Don’t: Keep Them Near Electrical Cables

Avoid placing your Ethernet cables near other electrical cables. A mix-up between the two could cause serious harm.

Not only is separating your electrical and Ethernet cables a smart safety move, but it reduces the chances of interference. Electrical wires can produce noise, fuddling your Ethernet wires’ efficiency and overall network connection.

Exploring the dos and don’ts of installing Ethernet cables in your home can save you from a wired network nightmare. Get the most out of your Ethernet cables by setting them up according to our recommendations.

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