Tips For Troubleshooting Faulty Ethernet Cables

Tips For Troubleshooting Faulty Ethernet Cables

A reliable network is crucial to a company’s productivity. Successful networks employ the use of different IT hardware and software to function properly. When one piece of equipment malfunctions, you may experience trouble connecting to the network at all.

Ethernets are a vital piece to many business bandwidths. You may be quick to notice when Ethernets are disrupted, as even the slightest interference with the cables can decrease the quality of your network connection. CableWholesale understands the importance of each piece of a network, which is why we thought it would be helpful to share our tips for troubleshooting faulty Ethernet cables.

Connection Fluctuates

A telltale sign of a defective Ethernet cable occurs when connection waves in and out. If the router light indicating Ethernet plug-in is not lit up even though an Ethernet cable is connected, there is either an issue with the router or cable.

Confirm that the Ethernet cable is plugged in correctly. If proper adjustments do not lead to a quality connection, you are likely dealing with a cable that needs replacement.

Connection Is Slow

Inadequate cables can reveal themselves in the form of slow connection. Assess all your running cables to ensure none of them are damaged.

Bent cables that are interrupting connection can sometimes be fixed simply by straightening the cable. A tear in the Ethernet cable is typically more dire because there is a greater risk that the internal wire has been compromised. Damaged internal wires can cause a short circuit and may require new equipment.

Connection Reestablished by Moving the Cable Around

Do you rotate or wiggle your Ethernet cable to restore connection? Finagling cables around to reconnect with your network is not reliable and is often a sign of broken wires.

Disconnected internal wires can be the result of too much weight, pressure, or bending. Good cable management and organization accessories can help prevent cables from prematurely breaking.

If these tips for troubleshooting faulty Ethernet cables don’t seem to reestablish a quality connection, there is a chance that your issue lies beyond the wires. Sometimes, connection problems are greater than a malfunctioning Ethernet cable. If you are continually replacing your cables, evaluate the performance of the rest of the network before replacing any more equipment.

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