The Common Uses for Cat5e Ethernet Cable

The Common Uses for Cat5e Ethernet Cable

If you’ve ever gone shopping for an Ethernet cable, you might have felt overwhelmed with the options. Over the years, Ethernet cables improved tremendously, but one cable specifically is the tried-and-true option for nearly any application––the Cat5e. While the Cat5e doesn’t provide the fastest speeds available, they still pack a punch with up to 1Gb/second speed at 100Mhz frequency. In other words, you’re still going to have a faster, more reliable connection with a Cat5e than with a wireless network. If you’d like to learn the common uses for Cat5e Ethernet cables, our experts have you covered in our guide below.

Home or Business LANs

There’s no question that the internet permeates our everyday lives. In fact, most of us find ourselves frustrated when we experience slow and unreliable connections at home or at work. A Cat5e cable is among the best cables for connecting local area networks (LANs) in a residential or commercial setting because they’re affordable and work with most hardware setups. While there are other Ethernet cables available, a Cat5e will certainly get the job done. Moreover, if you don’t know the specs of your internet plan and hardware, a Cat5e is the safest route.

Business Kiosks

The term “kiosk” varies widely for businesses but usually refers to the point-of-sale system at your business. Additionally, interactive touchscreen kiosks where customers can place orders or receive information about a product are becoming more popular in retail settings. Regardless of the type of kiosk, it’ll need to connect to the internet, and a Cat5e Ethernet cable is a reliable means to do so.

Home Gaming Setups

If you’re an avid online gamer, whether through a console or PC, an Ethernet cable is a must. A lagging game is the bane of any gamer’s existence. To avoid the indescribable frustration of a slow and choppy video game connection, you should connect your console, PC, or laptop directly to your router with a Cat5e cable.

Although Wi-Fi connections and routers have gotten better, there’s nothing more reliable than a wired connection. Unsurprisingly, Ethernet cables have continued to innovate over the years. The common uses for Cat5e Ethernet cables illustrated here show that you can count on a Cat5e for most of your connectivity needs.

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