Save Money On Apple’s Hidden Surcharge With Lightning Cables From CableWholesale

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Apple is one of the most successful, innovative, and largest technology companies in the world today for many reasons. First and foremost though is the fact that they produce a quality product. From the beloved iPhone to no-tower desktops and now, of course, the revolutionary line of iPads, they’ve done an exceptional job in virtually all aspects of business. However, even a company like Apple has its faults.
One of the not-quite-devastating, but certainly incredibly frustrating is their lightning cables used to connect USB cables and charge the iPhone. As Tony Bradley recently pointed out in a piece for Forbes, one of the company’s most important cell phone accessories essentially comes with a hidden surcharge of sorts.

“The Lightning cables are required to charge Apple’s latest mobile devices, but the cables are expensive and fall apart easily,” Bradley wrote. “I have tremendous respect for Apple quality and attention to detail… However, we have a lot of Apple devices in my house — six iPhones, and two iPads — and not one of the eight Lightning cables that came with those devices has survived.”
Smartphones usually have a lifespan of about two years, but when it comes to cell phone cables Apple has fallen much shorter. Bradley is right when he points out that this issue, while not significantly detrimental to the device’s overall use, it is a major annoyance that ultimately results in a phantom-style surcharge. New lightning cables from Apple will cost you around $19.
Don’t let the alleged faulty nature of Apple’s cell phone cable accessories turn you off from all the great products they do offer, though. CableWholesale offers replacement lightning cables for Apple products at less than a third of the price! For just $6.50 you can buy a one-and-a-half foot long charger that comes with our signature lifetime warranty.

Another reason you’re going to want to replace your lightning cables at the first sign of significant damage is because of the safety risks they pose. Damaged, frayed phone charger cables have several times been the cause of electrical fires, electrical failures, and malfunctions that altogether resulted in about 53,600 home fires in 2008. These fires caused more than 500 deaths, injured 1,400 people, and did $1.4 billion in property damage.

The iPhone 6 takes about an hour and 50 minutes to charge using a 12 watt USB power adapter, but it could take a heck of a lot longer if you don’t realize it’s not even charging when you go to bed for the night. Apple’s got enough money, save a little of yours by buying your replacement lightning cables with us.

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