Zipcord Fiber Optic Cable and How to Save Money Buying It

high speed data cableZipcord fiber optic cables are a type of fiber optic cables that consist of two or more conductors that are connected by an insulating jacket, which can be easily separated just by pulling the two conductors apart. They’re typically used to carry related optical signals so that the conductors remain together to avoid confusion, and also reduce the potential for tangled and messy cables.
This style of cable can also be purchased for electrical signals as well, and many people probably use it in their homes every day without even realizing it. Common uses for this would be in speaker wire and lamp cords. Zipcord fiber optic cable is usually either used for fiber optic internet connection or in a commercial, like an interstate trucking scale location that transmits data to a central location.
Unlike the HDMI Standard cables and HDMI Highspeed cables, which come in three and two different types respectively; zipcord fiber optic cables typically only one come as duplex cords.
Duplex is simply a cable in which two separate fiber optic strands exist. Typically, they are designed in the zipcord way so that they can be separated, thus turning them into simplex cables. The primary difference between duplex and simplex fiber optic cables is that duplex transmits data going both directions, while simplex unsurprisingly is usually utilized for one way operation. There are, of course, many exceptions to these standards, but this is sufficient for a basic level of understanding.
Many people believe HDMI cords will cost $50 or more even though you can find them for cheaper. It’s really fiber optic cable that can cost you a bit more because of the quality. One way to be more financially savvy is to buy bulk fiber optic cables. CableWholesale offers high-quality cables for reduced, wholesale prices. Even if you don’t need it all today, chances are you’ll need more of it down the road.
Life expectancy is an important attribute when it comes to cables. For example, CAT 5 Cable constructed of top grade materials will typically last between five and 10 years. The best part of buying zipcord fiber optic cable from CableWholesale is that it comes with our lifetime warranty.
Another quick tip when buying fiber optic cable is to always go with the zipcord fiber optic cable as you can always easily turn this into single, simplex cords, but will have a much harder time doing it the other way.

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