What Is the Maximum Length of a VGA Cable?

What Is the Maximum Length of a VGA Cable?

Cable length is an important part of networks and determines your setup. The VGA cable is valuable for computers, but you’ll need to know how far it reaches for the best function within your network. Continue reading to find out the maximum length of a VGA cable and how far it may reach when connecting to your monitor.

What Determines Cable Length?

Different factors affect the length of a cable. If it needs a longer transmission range, it will take longer to reach the connection point. However, the bandwidth of this cord will suffer because the signal travels far, and it will lose strength after a certain distance.

Cables with great connection speeds are shorter in length because of this fact. Long cables are thick because they have more wires inside for more power to transfer electrical signals. Cable length comes down to the cord’s purpose and the best structure to complete it. VGA cables aim to transfer video signals to a screen from a source, and they can do this through various lengths.

The Various Distances of a VGA Cable

VGA cables have various lengths for different reasons, and they determine video resolution for a computer. The resolution is at its highest with a cord of 25 feet or under. Most office setups use short cables for a clear picture on the screen while working. The next range is 26–100 feet, with a moderate resolution and mid-level video.

Around the cusp of 25 feet, the resolution won’t immediately decline, and you may not notice anything out of the ordinary. However, as the cable length increases to 50–100 feet, you’ll notice a drop in resolution with a grainy screen and less detail. A cord over 100 feet produces poor-quality resolution; use this length in specific situations when distance concerns connections.

The Maximum Length of a VGA Cable

The maximum length for regular VGA cables is around 150 feet and 650 feet if you attach an extender. It’s best to use the maximum length of a VGA cable in situations where an accessible screen is too far away to connect to a computer or other source of the video signal. The analog signal of the VGA is susceptible to distance and will be at its weakest when it reaches this maximum.

Use shorter VGA cables for your high-quality connections and resolution. While the flexibility to reach long distances is helpful, there are consequences regarding the resolution. Find the best VGA cables at CableWholesale, where we offer various cord lengths for your network.

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