Common Mistakes Made in Data Centers

Common Mistakes Made in Data Centers

More and more companies are utilizing data centers for their convenience and efficiency. Upgrading to data center storage happens in two different ways. Businesses can either bargain for sections of pre-existing data centers, or employ developers to build an optimal one if they need a maximum amount of privatized space.

Amidst data center planning, there are some factors that get overlooked more often than others. Neglected aspects of the data center can turn into substantial trouble for growing businesses. Common mistakes made in data centers are unfortunate occurrences, and sometimes even result in loss of company data. CableWholesale explores the most common errors in data centers, and how they should be avoided.

Visualization Errors

Data centers are equipped with multiple servers for email, data, and miscellaneous company files. IT departments experience efficiency issues and pricey repairs when the servers are unable to keep up with the high number of processes.

Data center virtualization transforms physical servers online. With advancements in technology, virtualization has become increasingly efficient in data centers. Hosting data centers virtually has major advantages for business. Virtualization for data centers achieves the following:

  • Reduces operating costs: Hardware is one of the costliest aspects of data centers. With virtualization, servers are compiled into one virtualized machine.
  • Improves application performance: Virtualization boosts data center responsiveness and agility. Processing demands online is beneficial because it is not confined to IT workloads, unlike data centers without virtualization.
  • Minimizes downtime: Time is money, and virtualization optimizes company time. Virtualization offers minimal disruptions and strategic approaches to recovering lost data when necessary.
  • Prevents overheating: Servers heat up due to the high volume of processing requests they receive. Too much heat can result in IT hardware failure and data loss. Fewer servers are needed with virtualization, thus decreasing the amount of heat getting produced in a data center.

Save your business time and money by upgrading your data center with virtualized servers. Virtualization is one way to limit data issues, so you can focus on your company can focus on its successes.

No Cloud Storage

The cloud has become the preferred storage method for many businesses. Insufficient or no cloud storage is a huge oversight for businesses looking to expand, but is still one of the common mistakes made in data centers.

Companies that do not utilize the cloud must rely on hardware for all their data storage. Not only is this a costly approach to storing vital information, but it slows down other processes. The cloud is a flexible and expansive tool that can free up on-site storage for your business.

Purchased cloud storage can be manipulated to fit the needs of the company’s data. Nowadays, you have the option of private cloud services. Use a private cloud service if you have any apprehensions about public storage and data safety.

Poor Server Maintenance

Data centers require meticulous care. Overlooked maintenance can lead to major issues down the road for companies. Server rooms should be routinely tended to in order to ensure they are functioning properly and in proper shape.

Keep your servers updated, plugged in, and enlist consistent backup. Servers that do not receive quality care become a huge liability to company data. Avoid unnecessary data loss by taking preemptive measures to establish servers’ abilities.

Not Expanding To the Highest Level

Data centers are meant to be frequently developed to encourage smoother-running processes. Companies that refuse to expand their server network will struggle to reach new heights.

It is a necessity to splurge on racks and servers that will contribute quality and efficiency to your data center. Without making the necessary arrangements, your data center is likely to remain stagnant, which can lead to avoidable data center troubles.

Inadequate Security

When it comes to your data center, security should be at the forefront. If your company fails to supply its data center with proper security measures, the data becomes highly susceptible to cybercrime.

Cybercriminals vie to steal data by penetrating vulnerable data systems. They can infiltrate inadequately secured data centers, especially with their shift online, to implement malware or viruses. Cybercrime is ever-present regarding digital data, making strong security a vital part of any data center.

Mediocre Data Center Management and Energy Inefficiency

Energy and power are the two pillars of a properly run data center. Often, it is difficult for data center management to find ways to reduce energy and power waste.

Data centers that neglect to review their power and energy consumption may have slower processes or exhaust their circuits. Insufficient power or low energy efficiency is not productive for high-functioning servers.

Bad Remote Access

Remote access enables IT and other digital departments to gather important information from the data center when off-site. Inaccessibility to the data center when outside of the area will pose many issues in remote data control.

Implement a remote connection for your data center so IT can gain access when necessary. Unexpected downtime on holidays or weekends, working from home, and onsite equipment failure are all reasons to consider opting for an additional remote connection service.

Inferior Budget

Technical equipment and software are expensive. A limited budget disallows for digital company growth or efficient data center processes. Be sure to set a budget that considers high-quality data center materials.

If you set the budget and realize the amount does not permit essential data center purchases, contemplate either holding off on your data center endeavors or setting up a comprehensive loan for the data migration. If your business does the necessary financial planning, either of those options can result in the construction of a productive and valuable data center.

Overcrowded Server Racks and Insufficient Room Layout

A data center’s design should be very detailed. Messy or overcrowded server racks are certain to lead to a mix-up in your data center. Improper rack alignment makes it difficult to allocate cables per server, increasing the risk of an incorrect unplug or plug-in.

Contain your servers’ wires with appropriate assembly and installation. Avoid cramped racks to decrease data center safety risks and improve onsite accessibility.

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Common Mistakes Made in Data Centers

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