Different Industries That Use Fiber Optic Cables

Different Industries That Use Fiber Optic Cables

Protected by a well-insulated wire jacket, fiber optic cables transmit data in the form of light. Their versatility and speed have revolutionized network communications. Fiber optic advancements have led to the implementation of these cables in several influential industries, from medical to communications. CableWholesale explores the different industries that use fiber optic cables.

The Medical Industry

The medical industry’s application of fiber optic cables has led to a drastic increase in medical discoveries and practices. Endoscopes, which allow medical professionals to look inside the body, are comprised of fiber optics. Gastroscopes, arthroscopes, and bronchoscopes enable healthcare workers to peer closer at causes for patients’ ailments.

X-rays, CAT scans, and MRIs are among other critical medical tools that utilize fiber optic cables. The cables provide access to images of the bodily interior that help determine diagnoses and guide surgeries. Without fiber optics, the medical field would not be as accurate and efficient as it is today.

The Automotive Industry

Interior and exterior vehicle lighting utilize fiber optic cables. Manufacturers have gradually incorporated fiber optics into car models because of their optimal spatial and lighting traits.

Fiber optic cables are quick to transmit signals, which is crucial to vehicle safety features. The cables are quick to deploy applications like airbags or alarms when necessary, making the automotive industry one of the various different industries that use fiber optic cables.

Computer Networks

Homes and workspaces that require network connection take advantage of fiber optic cable perks. Fiber optics can quickly transmit large amounts of information, making them the premier choice for a high-speed Internet connection.

Cable providers find success in offering services that use fiber optics, as they are quicker, lighter, and less bulky than preceding network wires. Fiber optic cables can transfer data across large distances, increasing major companies’ demands for them.

Telecommunications Industry

Communications would not be as accessible today without the help of fiber optic cables. Their implementation has enabled people to get connected faster and from greater distances apart. Fiber optics maintain a strong signal that ensures clear communication throughout the entirety of a connection.

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