Tips for Preventing Data Center Outages

Tips for Preventing Data Center Outages

Outage and downtime are among the biggest hurdles for data centers. Unfortunately, there are many different situations that leave these information hubs vulnerable to both, which can be costly for data companies to endure. While some cases of data center outage are out of your control, there are tips for preventing data center outages that can help your company minimize the risk of an outage and plan for faster recoveries when they do occur.

How To Prevent Based on The Cause

Preventative measures are going to depend on which issue the data center is most commonly running into. It is beneficial to explore how to avert each cause of outages, as many data centers are susceptible to, and should be avoiding, all of them.

Hardware Failure

Data centers rely on the durability of many physical structures and their coexistence. This reliance can lead to an outage when equipment like IT hardware fails. The likelihood of an outage also increases when their cooling systems malfunction or when they have expended their durability. Fortunately, the physical features of a data center can be tended to.

  • Hold routine inspections of hardware to guarantee machines are receiving necessary maintenance and are being updated when appropriate.
  • Verify your hardware uses high-grade cables to ensure quality connection. Guarantee a strong online connection and prevent extensive downtime with an assortment of the cat5e patch cable>.
  • Have backup hardware available to divert power from failed systems when there is downtime or an outage.

The dependency that large physical structures like data centers have on machines constantly running increases their vulnerability to crash, making hardware failure a leading cause of outages that deserves proper attention.

Crashing Software

In addition to hardware, the virtual side of IT can lead to outages. Network-based infrastructures experience significant downtime when the implemented software is outdated, glitchy, or goes untested.

As with hardware, outage issues due to software can be avoided by routinely checking that it is up to date and being properly maintained and protected.

Human Error

The most common cause of outage is human error. While it may not be entirely avoidable, these tips for preventing data center outages are a sure way to diminish it happening with regularity.

  • Make sure daily operations are being documented, involving regular inventory checks.
  • Enforce routine training programs to inform new employees and refresh old ones.
  • Hold a high standard for your employees to follow regarding data center safety and commend them for maintaining it.


Cyberattacks are destabilizing events that can result in negative PR exposure that spoils a data company’s reputation and long-term service issues that strip them of time and money. Cybercrime is on the rise and with constant developments in software, it is crucial that appropriate measures are taken to diminish the threat. This can include removing public cloud services from operations or enhancing data analytics to catch any security gaps.

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