Basic Technology and Cables You Need to Operate an Effective Workplace

75 ft ethernet cable

Operating a streamlined workplace environment can be a challenge. With obstacles inherent in day-to-day operations, you should never have to tussle with old, outdated, or inefficient technology. Unfortunately, many people place their focus on showy gadgets while ignoring the more foundational pieces of technology that provide them with greater overall productivity. Make sure you get these pieces right before you branch out to investing in more flashy technology solutions.

Ethernet Cables

If you have not upgraded your Ethernet cables in a while, then it’s probably a good time to consider doing so. Depending on the nature of your internet usage and your goals, your Ethernet cables could be holding you back. Whether you need smaller cables to connect devices that are close to another, or something longer such as a 75 ft Ethernet cable, you should always be on top of your cables, as they form the backbone of your network structure.

There are three main types of ethernet cables. The most basic is a Cat5 cable. While they are not the newest cable on the market, they will definitely outperform a basic WiFi connection in terms of speed. Cat5e cables provide an even quicker service. The “e” in Cat5e stands for enhanced, so be on the lookout for this if you are shopping around for a 75 ft ethernet cable that packs a little more punch. Finally, on the high end of ethernet cables are Cat6 cables. These cables provide the highest speeds, but tend to be a bit more costly. Whatever your needs are, there is a cable to address them — both in terms of network functionality and your budgetary concerns.

Cell Phone Accessories

In today’s world, it comes as no surprise that more and more business is being conducted via smart phones. This means that if you want to keep up, you need to make sure that your cell phone can operate at peak performance. While the phone and personal data plan you choose is key, you can also make upgrades through phone accessories. Perhaps the most important consideration is your phone charging cable. If you use your phone a lot, then you’ll want to be certain that your battery maintains a potent charge. Upgrading your cables and practicing intelligent phone charging ensures that you will always be available when you need to be. What’s more, providing these accessories to your employees at no cost will ensure they’ll always be able to attend to business matters without worrying about a low battery.

Surge Protectors

While you can control a number of elements in the office environment, you may not have any influence over the weather. And if a particularly bad storm rolls through, failing to protect your data ahead of time could be disastrous. You should always take joule numbers into account when you are searching for the right surge protector for computer protection and all the other electronics in your workplace. The number of joules listed for the surge protector represents the energy absorption rating. In this case, the more joules, the better. For a computer or for home theater equipment, you will want to consider surge protectors with joule ratings of 2500 or more. With proper surge protectors for computers and other types of electronic devices, you can rest assured in knowing that you are safe from potentially harmful power surges.

When you do your part to ensure that your technology is up to date, then you give yourself the best chances at operating an effective and productive workplace environment. If you are in need of a 75 ft ethernet cable, a surge protector, HDMI cables, or any other pieces of equipment for your workplace, then get in touch with us today.

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