4 Ways to Prevent Cable Management Chaos

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Cables are everywhere. We use them to charge our phones, power our electronics, and make our computers display images and emit sound. But when you have cables that do all of those things, they can pile up pretty quickly. If your cables are starting to get a little out of hand, here are a few cable management tips to help you out.

Invest in Cable Holders

Cable holders, as their name suggests, will hold cables in place on top of your desk. These tools include cable clips that can tie up all of those USB cables that are currently a tangled mess under your desk. Better yet, cable clips are portable, which means you can use them for cable management anywhere. Cable drops are designed for workstations and power users. Cable holders will help you keep your workstation organized and provide easy accessibility. Keyboards, chargers, and other external connectors will not tangle. Alternatively, you can buy a cable box where you put cables and place them beneath your workstation. Cable boxes come with a surge protector for keeping cable perfectly in squeezed spaces.

Tie Them Up

Tying USB cables up is an effective way to manage your wires. This way, rather than lying all over the floor, they’re bundled in a convenient, organized package. Cable straps are ideal for tying up your cables. The best part is they come in different colors to help you keep track of each type of cable you have. You can also tie cables with reusable Flexi-ties, which are incredibly tough and can hold any cord. In addition, they’re easy to undo and reuse if you decide you’d like to organize your cables in a different way.

Label Your Cables

With wires all over your desk, you can easily confuse which cord belongs where. But with cable labels, you will remember which wire belongs to which port. It can be infuriating to crawl under your desk to check which cords are connected where and to which device. If you’re not thrilled with the idea of writing out labels for each cable, consider using the color-coded cable straps we mentioned earlier. Not only will you be organized, but you’ll also have a much more aesthetically pleasing method of cable management.

Hide Your Cables

Tying or labeling cables will make them look good. If you have a desk that leaves your USB cables and other cords exposed, or you’re someone who loves a good color-coding project, labeling is probably the way to go. But if you’d rather keep your cables organized and out of sight, consider neatly hiding them away in a cable box. If you’re really pressed for time, consider decorating any old box you have lying around and neatly coiling your bundled cables up inside.

Whether you’re overwhelmed by USB cables or you’re just looking to have a more organized workplace, these cable management tips should help you out. Are you ready to get your cables under control?

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