The Death of eBay?

Not too long ago, if you had something you wanted to get off your hands while making a couple bucks at the same time, you headed straight to eBay or Craigslist. But that was yesteryear. In the past few years, there have been a bunch of new apps to hit the market that do exactly what eBay does, just in a more localized format. These apps allow you to showcase things you want to sell, and at the same time search for items you would like to buy. All of this without the pain of shipping. Some of the newest apps allow you to list your stuff within seconds, all at no cost to you. Is this the wave of the future when it comes to selling your stuff online?

Letgo: This app was released this year, and has quickly became one of the most popular seller apps on the market. You can both buy and sell through this app, and the best thing about it is that it gives a generalized location, not your exact address. The Letgo app is really popular with parents, as it offers a wide selection of children’s and baby clothes. This free app is available for both iOS and Android.

Wallapop: Using GPS, this app will list all items for sale within a predetermined radius that you set. The Wallapop app offers a vast variety of different items to choose from: electronics, appliances, clothes, accessories and even cars or real estate. You can sell your own stuff on the app too, just take a picture, name your price and wait to be contacted. If your items aren’t selling, you can always choose to drop the price. If you are looking to buy, but don’t see anything that you fancy, the app moves with you. Whenever you are in a new area, you have new items to choose from. Contacting a seller is easy, just shoot them a message. You can also haggle prices with sellers this way. This app is free, and available for iOS and Android.

Carousell: What differentiates this app from the rest of the bunch is that it is available worldwide. It also allows you to post up to four pictures with your item’s description, so that a potential buyer will be able to view the item from a few different angles. Adding more pictures allows you to get a little more creative when listing the stuff that you want to sell. This app also offers the most variety when it comes to categories, which makes it easier to navigating if you are just browsing and not looking for anything in particular. This app is free, and available for both iOS and Android.

*As a side note, for your own security, it’s always best to meet up at a public place like Starbucks to meet up and swap your items. It’s never advisable to give a stranger your exact address, as you never know who is going to be a weirdo!

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