All about the new iPhone “SE”

So if you haven’t heard Apple’s big news, seems they are releasing a new iPhone, or sort of new at least? We have all the details about the newest smartphone on the block, which is available for pre-order tomorrow, March 23rd 2016.

The new phone has been named the “SE” which differentiates itself already by not just being labeled under another iPhone number. Let’s start with the outside. The outer shell is basically the same as that of the iPhone 5s that was released back in 2013. With a 4” retina display, it is definitely reminiscent of the 5s, but fully loaded with some of the best internal features of the iPhone 6s. The size This is great news for you if you hung on to a few old 5s cases, they will fit the SE perfectly.

The biggest draw to the iPhone SE is the price: Apple is releasing this new phone at the low price of $399. At this price-point, the SE will be targeting a few certain markets; teenagers who can’t afford expensive phones, people on budgets who don’t want to spend a lot on a phone and non-techies folks that could care less about having the next best phone on the market. And if price-point is your deciding factor, you won’t find a better deal. There is not currently an Android on the market that can beat this price. The iPhone 6s is currently being sold for $649.99.

Besides price, there are a lot of folks that are attracted to the SE’s smaller screen. The last iPhone release back in November introduced a much bigger screen, which went against the notion of the smaller the smartphone, the better. Plus, there is no denying that smaller phones just fit in your hand better.

Apple gives the choice of either 16GB or 64GB, and the color variety remains the same as the iPhone 6s: silver, rose gold, gold and space gray. The iOS version is the same as the 6s, and it comes with an iSight 12-megapixel camera, as well as a Sapphire crystal lens cover, burst mode and a timer mode too. As for video, the SE offers up the 4K camera that also comes with the 6s. The new SE even has the live video option, which was one of the more exciting updates from the 6s release. The CPU speed will also mirror the 6s, and Apple Pay is available with the new phone too. Touch ID will be included as well.

So, for a much lower price of $399, the SE basically offers you a smaller version of the iPhone 6s. For those of you who have been wanting to upgrade to the newest phone, but didn’t want to use your upgrade before the iPhone 7 is released in the fall, this phone is the perfect option to hold you over until then. It features all of Apple’s newest technology, without emptying your pocketbook.

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