Big in 2015

CES finished up their 2015 show today out in Las Vegas, with bunches of new products freshly unveiled. CES, which is short for “International Consumer Electronics Show,” is a huge four day trade show which highlights the coming year’s cutting edge technologies, as well as product debuts from the world’s heaviest hitting manufacturers. CES sets the tone for what techies everywhere can look forward to all year. Last year curved televisions were all the rage, as well as the introduction to 4K resolution and 3-D printers. We have some highlights of a few products from this year’s show.


If you are like me, one of your biggest new year’s Resolutions is to FINALLY quit smoking this year. And this is totally different from last year, when we had the same resolution, but no gadgets to help! The Quitbit lighter will track your smoking trends, like how long it’s been since you smoked last and what time of day you tend to smoke more, which will help you pinpoint when to start cutting back. The Quitbit has a free app that will help motivate you to quit smoking by calculating you how much you are actually spending on cigarettes, and how much you will save if you quit.

The battery is impressive, with one single charge lasting a whole week. You can also sync your lighter to your phone, so there are no worries about losing THIS lighter, like the countless others you have lost before. Quitbit’s tagline is “the last lighter you will ever need,” which if it works, may very well be.

The lighter will even get you in touch with its own social media page, so you can get support from other quitters. The lighter is priced at $99 and is available for pre-order now, with an expected ship date in March.


If you are looking to tone your body this New Year, take a yoga class. If you want to perfect your pose, pick up a SmartMat. This yoga mat can you give you feedback on up to 62 different poses by using a conductive grid 20,000-point grid over a piezoresistive layer, although it looks like a normal yoga mat to the naked eye. The idea is to have a yoga instructor

The Smart Mat is available for the pre-order price of $297


Smart Sock:

These socks, which have pressure sensors embedded in their soles, will give you feedback on your running technique and form. The socks look like normal everyday running socks to the naked eye.

These socks are available for pre-sale and are available for $199.

Razer Nabu Smartband:


Track your daily activity with this wearable smartband, and also track your sleep habits too. If you are trying to lose weight this is big, it can tell you how many more calories in the day you need to burn, and how much rest you should be getting. But that’s only a small function of the Razer. It will also let you know who’s calling you, texting you and will let you know when other wearer’s of the smartband are around. This allows users to make their own personal social circles. This Razer is literally the next big thing.

As CES wrapped today, be on the lookout for a bunch more product introductions and explanations of some cool new technologies.

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