New Your’s Resololution: Jot it Down!

Do you remember keeping a diary when you were a kid? The habit of keeping a journal of your life may have fallen by the wayside after junior high, but studies show that documenting everyday occurrences can lower blood pressure and is widely known to soothe the soul. In present day, it’s as easy as downloading an app. Studies show that jotting things down to remember throughout your day, as well as writing before you sleep, will help you get a better night’s rest. Check these apps out:


$1.99: This app is designed to be part notebook and part diary, so it is tailored to either spilling your darkest secrets or taking some chemistry notes. These notes will be password protected, so you can keep your secrets to yourself.

Private Journal:

This free app is unique because it allows you to load music into specific entries, helping to better express your current mood. Private Journal also gives you a calendar to choose specific dates of different events. This app gives you ultra pass code protection so you can journal your most private thoughts without fear of being hacked. There is also a specific spot for you to record your dreams along with your journal entries.

Memory Book:

.99 cents: If you are a traveler, this app is designed specifically for you. Memory book allows you to select locations so you can pin-point the exact location you were at for certain entries. You can insert your pictures under the location marker, which makes it a neat way to keep track of your travels and your different encounters out on the road.

My Daily Journal:

$1.99: This journal app is cool because it is easily personalized. You can change fonts, background colors and add pictures to your journal entry. This app will allow you to upload your journal to various social media pages or your personal blog. If you so choose to share your deepest, darkest thoughts.

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