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5 meter DVI-D Single Link Video Cable, Ferrite, 1080p

DVI-D / DVI-D Single Link Cable with Ferrite, 5 meter (16.5 foot) - Part #: 10V1-05305BK-F

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Product Description Our 5 meter (16.5 foot) black DVI-D Single Link cable has DVI-D male ends with thumb screws. This DVI cable features foil and braid shielding, ferrite cores and 28 AWG (American Wire Gauge) conductors for a high quality video signal for your display(s).

This DVI-D cable is used to connect your computer to your monitor or HDTV. Single link DVI cables support high definition resolutions of up to 1920 x 1200 which will cover 1080p (1920 x 1080) - enough to satisfy most HD fans. DVI has superseded the analog signal carrying VGA type cables for some manufacturers. While its video resolutions are similar to HDMI, it should be noted that DVI cables carry a video signal only unlike the former which also supports surround sound audio. Please note: The maximum recommended length of this DVI cable for 1920 x 1200 resolution displays is 5 meters, longer lengths will require our thicker gauge cable or an amplifier: Part # 41H1-144DV. The maximum length cable for a display with a resolution up to 1280 x 1024 is 15 meters, beyond that you would need an amplifier.
  • Part #10V1-05305BK-F
  • Warranty:Lifetime
  • UPC Number:846568027659
  • End 1:DVI-D Single Link Male Plug
  • End 2:DVI-D Single Link Male Plug
  • Length:5 meters
  • Color:Black
  • Wire Gauge:28 AWG
  • Shield Type:foil+braid
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5 / 5 5/5 - November 12, 2010
RP (Kosciusko, MS)

THis cable works perfectly. I was a little concerned at having the maximum DVI signal length, but, as usual, the excellent materials that CW's products are invariable made of seems to have eliminated this as a worry, since the signal strength seems as good as it did for the one-meter cable the monitor came with. I don't really need all that length, but the cable is easy to coil, and it's nice to know that, if I do, I will have the option to operate my monitor fifteen feet away from my CPU.

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