What Affects the Longevity of Your Fiber Optic Network?

What Affects the Longevity of Your Fiber Optic Network?

Networks with fiber optic technology offer high performance thanks to their fast transmissions and reliable connections. Like any network, different sources may affect how long this network will last. Learn more about what affects the longevity of your fiber optic network, and find ways to make it last longer.

Fiber Tension

The fibers in a fiber optic cable can develop miniature flaws invisible to the naked eye. These micro-cracks may cause your network to falter. Over time, optical fibers undergo tension as they remain pulled from one connector to the other.

This tension eventually leads to these micro-flaws growing until they leak light. Micro-cracks expanding from tension won’t become an issue until your fiber optic network is halfway through its lifespan. Remember that a failing fiber optic network may be due to unseen reasons.

Environmental Affects

The environment in which your network exists can impact its longevity. Computer cables typically don’t last long in cramped environments where they bend and fold. When the fiber optic cables are in awkward positions, you’ll notice a reduction in performance that worsens as the cord’s damage also worsens.

Environments where moisture is a constant concern are likely suspects that affect the longevity of your fiber optic networks. Extreme humidity can cause micro-cracks from fiber tension to grow quickly. Keeping the cords in mild environments with room to run without impedance will ensure the network stays at its best for a long time.

Careful Installation

Careful installation is necessary for a long-lasting fiber optic network. Incorrectly installed optic cables will cause a significant reduction in performance.

Cords must remain as straight as possible for high performance. Poor installation for your fiber optic network is a bad start. The network won’t put out its best effort or last very long when it doesn’t have the means to perform.

Various aspects contribute to the longevity of your fiber optic network, and understanding them can ensure your network lasts for years. Consider these effects as your network ages, and find the best hardware for a replacement at CableWholesale.

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