The Different Types of Multimode Fiber Optic Cables

The Different Types of Multimode Fiber Optic Cables

Network cables, such as fiber optic cables, are tools we use to manage network information. These cables have two main types: single mode and multimode. These multimode cables will perform differently and offer support in different application levels for data management. Read on to learn about the different types of multimode fiber optic cables available.


The first optical multimode (OM) fiber is labeled the OM1. This multimode fiber optic cable has a 62.5 µm core, the largest core of all fiber optic cables. These cables work with LED light sources and transmitters.

The bandwidth is around 100 Mb/s and transfers data up to 100 feet. Given its age and lower bandwidth, this fiber optic cable is rarely used in networking applications, but it still has use in older devices that may still support it.


The OM2 is a large step up from the OM1 with a 1 Gb/s bandwidth and a 50 µm core. The smaller core size catalyzes higher bandwidth and greater signal distances. The OM2 and OM1 share the same orange jacket color and connect to LED sources and transmitters. The core of the OM2 is used in newer types of multimode cable because of its increased abilities and data transfer.


This is the first multimode fiber optic cable type manufactured for laser usage. The OM3 has 10 times the bandwidth of the OM2, and its signal reaches up to 982 feet. The use of laser technology allows for a more powerful and direct signal, giving the OM3 a better bandwidth and travel distance.


Like the OM3, the OM4 utilizes laser technology for a stronger signal. The OM4 supports a farther travel distance of 1804 feet, making it a valuable asset in data centers and offices. The OM4 is backward compatible, so it will work with the OM3 when an extension between different devices is necessary.


This multimode fiber optic cable type is relatively new but has shown great promise. The OM5 is backward compatible, which is helpful when only OM4 or OM3 ports are available for connection. The OM5 is the first wide-band multimode fiber and will transfer up to 100 Gb/s at a distance of over 1608 feet. The OM5 works best for the fastest connection and has reliable data transferring ability, outclassing the models before it.

When you wish to use a multimode fiber optic cable, it’s best to understand what each one can do. These multimode fiber optic cables are useful in data management and have various capabilities to help you obtain the fastest and farthest data transfer. When choosing your preferred fiber optic Internet cable, consider CableWholesale. Browse our stock today to find exactly what you’re looking for!

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