4 Things You Should Do With Your Old Cables

4 Things You Should Do With Your Old Cables
Technology is in constant use in our modern world, and one of the most used forms of technology is cables. We use cables to power, connect, and charge various devices. When our cords become old and don’t work anymore, there are certain things that we should do with them.

Recycle Them at Electronics Stores

Different electronics stores will take old cords and resell them. As long as the cable is in good shape and has some functionality, then there is a good chance the store will take it. These stores may also recycle cords that are aged and no longer work, so look for computer cable stores, electronic hardware stores, or shops that sell TVs to have the best chance of recycling old cords.

Recycling these cables will keep them out of landfills which may eventually end up in areas of nature where animals reside, polluting the Earth. It may be tempting to throw away these old cords and cables, but choosing a greener option is something you should always do with old cables.

Sell Them in Bundles

At these stores mentioned above, you may also sell your cables for cash. Selling your cables won’t yield a large sum of money, but they will still be in the care of the business who will know how to recycle or refurbish them, and you will walk away with more money than when you entered. Try selling the cables in bundles to receive a larger amount of cash.

Donate Them to Schools

Most schools have made the transition into implementing technology to teach children. In some classes, you may see tablets, laptops, and SMART Boards to teach children using different visuals that are difficult to achieve on a dry erase board. Donating your cables is a great thing to do for the schools since the teachers and staff could always use spare materials in case a charging cable breaks or an extension cord is needed.

Give Them to Friends

Some of your friends may need a cord for their computer monitor, phone, or laptop. If you have any cords, they will greatly appreciate it. Even if the cables aren’t as polished as a new one, they will still help someone out as long as it works.

Cables will serve their purpose, and then they will begin to degrade after a while. Old cables still have some use, so choose a positive way to use them once more.

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