Easy Fixes To Try if Your Ethernet Is Not Working

Easy Fixes To Try if Your Ethernet Is Not Working

One of the main reasons people opt for wired networks over wireless is to experience less interruptions, which then makes issues with Ethernet especially aggravating. If you’re not an IT whiz, you may be unfamiliar with handling connectivity issues. Whether you’ve got to tend to Ethernet disruptions at home or in the office, consider CableWholesale’s easy fixes to try if your Ethernet is not working. Soon enough, you’ll have a seamless connection and a resourceful troubleshooting experience!

First, Check That You’ve Enabled Connection

Before you jump to any conclusions, ensure that you’ve enabled your connection under your network settings. You’ll notice an icon labeled “Ethernet.” Right-click on this image and select “Enable.” If this approach doesn’t mend your Ethernet issues, continue exploring our other options.

Assess Your Drivers

The software that makes your hardware compatible with one another is known as the driver. Without functioning drivers, your setup will fail to work with connected devices.

Always opt for automatic installation and reinstallation of drivers to avoid selecting the wrong type. Having the wrong driver on your system may be the cause of Ethernet cable incompatibility. An update of your driver software will allow it to identify the Ethernet cord and match it with the correct driver version for a more cohesive connection.

Restart the Network Adapter

Your Network Adapter won’t always work in your favor. When your wired network connection starts to get testy, consider restarting the Network Adapter.

To restart the Adapter, you’ll locate your Ethernet connection under your network settings. You’re going right-click on Ethernet and select “Disable.” You’ll wait a few minutes, then right-click and select “Enable,” hopefully restoring the ideal Ethernet speed.

Restart the Router

Another easy fix to try if your Ethernet is not working is to simply restart your router. When you refresh your router, the internet connection that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) provides your home is reset. During this reset process, the hope is that optimal Ethernet speed is restored.

Upgrade Your Ethernet Cable

Sometimes it’s the hardware that poses an issue. Cable damage or a faulty connector can cause Ethernet cords to give out over time.

Consider how long you’ve had your Ethernet cord and the advantages of upgrading it for a new one. If none of the other methods seem to mend your network issues, it’s likely time to update your cables.

Replacing Your Ethernet Cable

Make the most out of your investment by opting for high-quality cables. CableWholesale offers a range of bulk network cables, primarily high-speed Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6a Ethernet bundles for premier home and office use. We also supply adapters and cable management accessories to help keep your setup high-functioning and well-organized. Contact us today to learn more about our diverse selection of network supplies.

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