VGA vs. DVI Cables: Which One Is Better for Your Display

VGA vs. DVI Cables: Which One Is Better for Your Display

When finding the right cables for your computer’s display, sorting between all your options can be overwhelming. CableWholesale breaks down the differences between VGA vs. DVI cables and provides a brief explanation as to what they are to help you determine which one is better for your display.

A Brief Breakdown of What VGA and DVI Cables Are

VGA and DVI cables are both used to transfer video from an output source to an input source. But what is a VGA cable? VGA stands for Video Graphics Array, while DVI stands for Digital Visual Interface. DVI cables are newer in comparison, and both cables are identifiable by their varying connectors and ports. VGA connectors and ports are typically blue, while DVI connectors and ports are usually white.

How Do They Differ?

The key difference that sets VGA and DVI cables apart is the video quality they provide and how video signal transfers within each. To give you a better idea of which one is best for your display when it comes to VGA vs. DVI, we must compare the two.


VGA cables are often susceptible to noise because they have an analog interface. Nearby devices and wires may interfere with your display quality. Because of their vulnerability to noise, VGAs’ picture quality is considered lower than digital interface cables.

Because DVI connectors are newer, they’re considered more developed than VGAs, offering quick, clean signal transmission with devices that support DVI.

How Signal Is Transferred Through Cables

VGA connection is analog, meaning the signal transmits in one direction within the cable, from output to input.

Different DVI cables offer different types of signal transmission. DVI-A supports analog interface, DVI-D supports digital interface, and DVI-I supports both digital and analog.

Audio Signal

Neither VGA nor DVI cables have audio capabilities. You must use a separate audio cable should you need to transmit audio signals.

Where To Get VGI and DVI Cables

CableWholesale has a wide selection of both VGA products and DVI products to choose from to help you maximize your computer setup. Whether you’re looking for a VGA cable adapter for simple or aged devices or a DVI converter, we have everything you’ll need to secure a video signal. We also offer cable management accessories that allow you to achieve a computer system setup that is efficient and neat.

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