Ethernet Patch Cable vs. Ethernet Crossover Cable

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You may be trying to connect two devices, and after doing a little research you might have come across both patch cables and crossover cables, but what’s the difference? They look similar, but they have their own unique uses. To help you learn more about Ethernet patch cables vs. Ethernet crossover cables, our experts put together this guide below.

Ethernet patch cable

Patch cables are used to connect two different devices. For example, when you connect your computer (one type of device) directly to your router (another type of device), you’re likely using a patch cable. In other words, you would use a patch cable to connect a computer to a router, a gaming console to a router, or a computer to a printer. Manufacturers configure the internal wiring and pins similarly but slightly different in both patch and crossover cables, which is really what sets them apart from each other.

Ethernet crossover cable

While the patch cable connects two different devices, crossover cables connect two similar devices. If you’re looking to connect similar devices without using hubs or routers, you’ll need a crossover cable. A major benefit of connecting two hubs together with a crossover cable is that you can share data between the hubs quickly and gain additional ports on the same network. Some other common uses for crossover cables include connecting a computer to another computer, and to a switch that connects to normal ports on each side. Additionally, gamers will commonly connect two consoles to have multiple people in the same match, and crossover cables are excellent for this purpose as well.

While you might understand the highlights between Ethernet patch cables vs. Ethernet crossover cables, don’t make the mistake of trying to connect two similar devices with a patch cable. Because of the patch cable’s wire configuration, it’s only designed to connect different devices. The same goes for crossover cables, in that they won’t connect different devices. In addition, you shouldn’t make the mistake of purchasing cheap cables, because you’re going to receive a mediocre connection. Instead, invest a few extra dollars in a company that only supplies high-quality cables.

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