Which Ethernet Cable is Right For Me?

Cat6 cable

The world is run by the internet. As of March 2017, studies showed that there were approximately 3.74 billion internet users across the globe. With the constant use of the internet comes new technologies to enhance user experience. A necessary device is the ethernet cable, which connects to the router to provide internet access. While they are used in homes, they are also used in more high-tech settings to carry broadband signals to a number of devices. There are several cables on the market ranging from a Cat5 to a Cat6 cable, and it can be hard to know which one is right for you. Luckily, we’ve taken the time to do the research and break it down for you.

The Cat5 Ethernet Cable

The Cat5 cable is the “old reliable” cable–it’s been around for a while, but consistently gets the job done. You can find Cat5 cables for sale for cheaper than a category 6 cable, but they still can provide a better connection than WiFi. This is the type of cable you need if you want a little more than a regular ethernet cable, but have no need for something as strong as the Cat6 cable.

The Cat5e Ethernet Cable

The “e” stands for enhanced, so even from the name you can tell you’ll get a little more bang than the Cat5, while still not spending as much as the Cat6 cable. Because of its more advanced technologies, it eliminates crosstalk from other wires inside the cables, and can operate at high speeds.

The Cat6 Ethernet Cable

The Cat6 cable is an ethernet cable that provides the fastest connection and highest technology. While they are rumored to be a little fussy to install, they are perfect for companies with a high demand for internet and broadband. Because of its higher technology, it is more expensive than the Cat5 cable and the Cat5e cable.

Overall, the type of cable you need depends on the type of work you will need it to be doing. When buying cables, look for companies that offer lifetime warranties and tech support both before and after the sale. This will make sure you get what you need out of your cable, and feel supported in your endeavors.

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