iOS 10: What to Expect

Have you updated your iPhone to the new iOS 10 yet? Many are holding out for fear of the unknown, so we will go over some bullet points here of what to expect out of Apple’s newest update.

  • Photo Finder: If you are like me, and have thousands of photos saved on your phone, then locating one particular photo can be a nightmarish task. With the new update you have some great options for photo finding. The first is the new “people” photo folder, which helps locate pictures using facial recognition. If you need to find a picture based on location, date or surroundings, you know have Siri to come to the rescue. She will sift through your photos for you using the embedded date, location or nearby surroundings, saving you time and putting an end to your squinting.
  • Safari Tabs: With iOS 10 we will now be able to open endless amounts of Safari windows, without having to worry about that pesky 36-tab limit. This is great news for those of us who like to open a lot of tabs and keep them open to come back to look at later. Accessing your camera is now easier than ever too; just swipe right on your screen without having to unlock your phone.
  • Magnifying Glass: If you need a little extra help seeing small print, you can now use your iPhone to zoom in with just a few flicks of your finger. Access this under the “settings” tab, then select “general” and then select the “accessibility” tab. Here you will find the “magnifier” option. Once you have that installed, just click your home button three times to magnify your screen. It’s as easy as that.
  • Alarm Clock: There is a new feature titled “bedtime reminder,” that will allow you to enter the time you wake up every day, and how many hours of sleep you require per night. Your phone will now send you a reminder every evening letting you know that your bedtime is coming up. You can use this new feature to track your sleeping patterns too!
  • Music: Have you ever been jamming out to a song, only to have to cut it short for a photo op? That issue is a thing of the past with the new iOS 10 upgrade. You can now simultaneously take pictures and listen to music at the same time!
  • iMessage: You are now able to send stickers, doodles, GIFs, and sketches in text message form. Emoji’s got an overhaul as well. If you use a particular emoji three times or less in a row, they pop up twice as big as before.
  • Apple Maps: This app got a much-needed overhaul. Hardly anyone uses Apple Maps anymore, the performance issues were not worth it. Now it has an updated interface and a cleaner, easier to understand platform. The cherry on top is that Apple Maps will now remember where you parked!

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