Microsoft Gets Cozy with Internet Pirates

Microsoft has been making waves this week with a few curious announcements about their new Windows 10 operating system. Microsoft is taking a brand-new approach with their upcoming release. First off, they are sending an early beta-build version to around 3 million users, and asking for their feedback. The idea is that in the end Microsoft 10 will be a joint venture between the company and its users. It’s a fresh approach and one that seems pretty popular thus far. At the very least it has definitely created a buzz.

Besides the usual improved interface options, there are some innovative features that are promised with Windows 10, including HoloLens, which is the first software to pluck a hologram straight from the future and make it a reality in our everyday lives. This is is by far the coolest feature of Windows 10, as well as a feature called “Windows Hello,” which will allow you to sign into Windows 10 with your face. Windows 10 will not require a password, as passwords in general are in the process of being phased out of technology anyway. So going forward you will be able to unlock your device by simply looking at your device. Other options for unlocking include the iris of your eye, or the print of your thumb.

Microsoft is even taking their release one step further by offering a free Microsoft 10 upgrade to those who have are running pirated earlier versions of the software. This is being done in an attempt to show users the value of having a user license. This is especially big news in China, where a reported three quarters of users are running illegal software.

Some are questioning why Microsoft would offer a free upgrade to folks who have swiped copies from them illegally. The consensus seems to be that because Windows 8 was received so poorly, the company is trying to save its reputation while getting users on the same page and leaving Windows 8 in the dust. Although this leaves XP and Vista users out in the cold, but they will have the option to pay for an upgrade. The amount that Microsoft will be charging for the new operating system is still unknown.

Microsoft has not been shy about admitting that they have set out to fix things that were poorly received with the Microsoft 8 upgrade, and they are addressing all these issues individually. It’s rumored that they skipped “Microsoft 9” and went straight to “10” in an attempt to further distance themselves from the last release.

The finished version of Microsoft 10 does not have a solid release date, but the company has promised that it will debut at some point during summer 2015.

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