Fahrenheit 451

Did you ever read the book Fahrenheit 451 back in high school? The premise of the dystopian story was very futuristic, and the premise was that someday TV’s would be as big as walls, and books will be outlawed and subsequently burned. Welp, in the year 2015, the first part is nearly true.

When it comes to TV’s, if your idea is “the bigger the better,” then you are going to be stoked for this years’ new releases. Several new TV’s were unveiled at this year’s CES trade show, and all of them are impressive. Here’s a preview of a few standouts in the group.

Sony’s “floating” TV has been designed to disappear into the wall, and with an ultra-thin width of 4mm it just might do that. 4mm is thin. Like really thin. Thinner than an iPhone thin. When pushed against a wall, the floating TV looks like it is a part of the wall. The floating TV technology is still brand-new, so it will cost you a small fortune. Projected costs for the TV are somewhere around $37,000. That’s about the price of two VW Jetta’s. Size-wise, the floating TV is offered in the 55”, 65” and 75” variety.

Samsung is riding high on their newest release as well. Always one to outdo Sony, they now have an 85” 4K TV that also has elements of a “floating” design as well. It’s the wave of the future.

If you are looking in a lower price bracket, check out some of Sony and Vizio’s new “Ultra Slim” TVs that come with Android Smart TV system installed. These screens live up to their name, with screen widths clocking in less than one inch.They are offering TV stands that make the TV actually look like it’s installed to your wall. You can bag a 55” for around 2K.

This new “floating” TV technology will surely change TV’s as we now know them. We are keeping an eye out for what next year might possibly bring. Hopefully books will still be legalized in the near future.

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