Beauty 2.0

There was a big buzz at this year’s CES tradeshow when Panasonic debuted their new hair dryer, The Nanoe, back in January. Although Panasonic makes many hair dryers, along with curling irons and rollers too, this was a first for the company in the way of spotlighting a beauty tool at one of the biggest technology trade-shows of the year. This means that beauty products are being pushed into the world of high-tech, and are starting to be taken seriously for once. Beauty is a billion dollar industry in the U.S., but is overlooked in the world of tech. Looks like the times are a-changin. There’s a bunch of new stuff in the world of super-techie beauty.

The Nanoe is manufactured by taking moisture from the air and putting it back into the user’s hair. This works by taking naturally occurring ions and breaking them down into smaller particles that are then combined with water molecules. The company claims that this dryer is perfect for people that have damaged or compromised hair, as it infuses hair with 1000 times more moisture than other ion dryers that are currently on the market. This in turn minimizes frizz, heat damage and split ends. The hair dryer is a little on the pricey side, usually running from about $130-150.00. Like the saying goes however, “time is money” and if it really saves time in the end, the extra cash might be worth it. Panasonic liked this idea so much they added a hair straightener is to the line for around the same price.

Some other neat innovations that came out in the beauty world this year include affordable lasers that treat acne, remove hair and can erase wrinkles in your skin. Now instead of going to a clinic for these services, you can do them yourself right in your own home.

In the same tech vain, there are a few noteworthy beauty apps out there that are popular right now. There is an app called Plum Perfect that allows you to take a photo of yourself, and then input the look you are going for. Want smoky eyes with a nude lip but aren’t sure what colors work best? The app will take care of you. It lines up what products would look best with your complexion and facial structure. It even gives you an explanation of why certain products will work for you, so that you will be better informed on what looks best when you are out on your own.

A San Francisco-based company called Stylebee has an app that offers a service where a make-up artist or hairstylist will come directly to your home for a set fee. You can even pay a manicurist to come out and do your nails. A lot of women avoid the beauty salon because of the social aspect. This is also huge for women that have children and are either stuck at home or short on time. This app has all the makings of becoming the wave of the future.

There are a bunch of new apps that allow you to play around with new looks, all from the comfort of your smartphone. You can try out new hair colors and styles, new make-up looks and even virtual clothes. Most of these apps are free or cost about a dollar; quite a bit cheaper than a personal shopper.

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