Spambot Love?

The uber popular dating app Tinder is burning up with more than love and lust this week. It looks like the app has encountered some problems with annoying malware and bots attacking their site. These bots have started creating fake profiles of attractive potential suitors in hopes of luring unsuspecting love seekers to porn and prostitution sites. Tinder has wised up to these antics and is working to block these pests, but now spammers are asking that you leave the website for a 3rd party site, so if you use Tinder be aware. Once you get directed to those sites it will tell you that your age must be verified, and will ask you to enter your credit card. We all think that no one could be naïve enough to actually enter their personal information in these situations, but you would be surprised. Stay on your toes and make sure you are not getting hooked up with a virus-infested bot. Just swipe left. ♥

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