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Wholesale USB Sharing Switch Box

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Hi-Speed USB Sharing Devices

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Our high-quality wholesale USB sharing switch box (sometimes referred to as a USB switcher box) is an absolute essential for a wide range of commercial networking and computing applications. These boxes allow two or more computers to share USB peripherals — printers, scanners, cameras, hard drives, and other essential devices — to help save space, time and cost. We have the perfect USB 2.0 switch box for your specific applications, whether you need a cost-effective solution to connect to two, three or four computers. These devices are all backed by warranties to help ensure that they stay in play for years to come.

Need a solution that lets you connect up to four computers to various peripherals? Try our wholesale USB sharing switch box, which accommodates up to 4 USB enabled devices. These boxes are equipped with plugs for four computers and devices, so they’ll easily help you manage even the most complex home or business networking layouts. A USB manual switch box is a must-have for anyone who wants to support “hot swapping” for various USB devices, as it allows you to share devices without the need to plug and unplug constantly. Our wholesale USB sharing switch boxes accommodate two or four computers.

These devices are also useful for conversion applications. Chose an ABCD switch box if you want to be able to convert back and forth between multiple female device ports and a USB female plug. Many of these devices feature slim, space-saving designs so they don’t hog up valuable desk space and come with convenient features such as LED status indicator lights on each port. Some also feature current protection to keep your devices safe and have long cables for the best level of flexibility. CableWholesale is more than happy to outfit you with a single USB switch box for your home or large volumes for industrial uses. Contact us for more information on our wholesale USB sharing switch boxes today!

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