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Plenum Cat5e Ethernet Cable, Stranded Copper, Gray, Pullbox 1000ft

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Discontinued: This product is no longer available.

Our bulk, 1,000-foot Cat5e stranded Ethernet cable is conveniently offered in pullboxes that allow for easy dispensing, storage and to prevent entanglement. This gray-colored cable is unshielded twisted pair (UTP) that is plenum rated (CMP). Unshielded twisted pair cables are widely used in the telecommunications and computer industry. The conductors that form a single circuit are twisted around each other, which helps to cancel out electromagnetic interference from external sources.

Each of the conductor's wires are made of pure, stranded 24AWG (American wire gauge) bare copper. Copper is widely known for its superior performance in conductivity and its ability to transfer information quickly and efficiently.

Bulk stranded Cat5e cables are typically used to make custom patch cables. In a typical residential environment, an in-wall rated cable will suffice. Commercial cable installations differ, however, and will have more requirements for many reasons. One of these reasons is due to the plenum area, which is the space between a building's floors or above its office areas called the "plenum," which is used for improved heating and cooling. If an office were to catch fire, the plenum area could easily allow the spread of the fire to more floors or circulate quickly across the entire building.

Unfortunately, cables that do not have a jacket rated for in wall or plenum use may cause a fire to become more intense. Plenum-rated cables are jacketed with a fire-retardant plastic jacket of either a low-smoke polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or a fluorinated ethylene polymer (FEP) for less toxicity during a fire. If a fire gets into a plenum-rated area that contains plenum-rated cables and the fire spreads, the cables will not be to blame. Plenum-rated cables can help prevent the spread of fires. Keep in mind, however, that a plenum-rated cable will ultimately have no data transmission speed benefit over a non-plenum rated cable; rather, a plenum rating is a safety-related distinction.

This Cat5e outer jacket is made of plenum-rated PVC. Additionally, our Cat5e stranded Ethernet cable is also has been verified to exceed the TIA/EIA-568-B standard.
Part #: 11X6-021SH

Plenum Cat5e Bulk Cable, Gray, Stranded, UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair), CMP, 24 AWG, Pullbox, 1000 foot

  • Warranty:Lifetime
  • End 1:Bare end
  • End 2:Bare end
  • Length:1000 feet
  • Color:Gray
  • Wire Gauge:24 AWG
  • Weight:25.00 lbs
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