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USB and Firewire Products

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USB Hubs, Switch Boxes, Card Readers, Drives, Adapters & More

USB cables have been the standard connection port for most computers and peripherals for many years. At CableWholesale, we carry a full collection of cables, hubs and more to get you connected.

There are many different types of USB connections for different devices and connection needs. Whether you need a standard USB connection (USB-A), the smaller, square-shaped USB-B used to connect to printers, or one of the micro USB connections used to connect to many modern smartphones, we have a full selection to meet your every need. CableWholesale also stocks many different digital camera cables, including micro USB, mini-USB 5-pin and mini-USB 4-pin.

We also offer USB adapters to convert one USB type to another. In addition, we carry USB hubs to add extra connections for your computer, as well as switches to swap connected devices easily and quickly between multiple computers. Plus, our USB controllers are perfect for adding additional connections to your desktop computer.

We also carry many USB 3.0 products, including cabling, docking stations and enclosures to connect external media devices. USB 3.0 device cables are faster than USB 2.0 products, and are fully backwards compatible with older computers.

In addition, our CAT5 extenders and USB extension repeater cables can help you carry a signal over an extended distance without losing signal. Plus, with our collection of FireWire cables – both 400 and 800 speeds – and our 4-pin and 6-pin adapters, we can help you connect to any device you need!

Take a look through our full inventory of cables below to find the right cables for your devices, or contact us today for more information.