IDE / SCSI Product

Here at the cable store on, we have all the custom cables and electronic accessories you need for any job. Browse here our Internal SCSI adaptors, cables and connectors, as well as SAS cable/adaptors, and SCSI I cables and adaptors. Internal computer cables, such as VHDCI 68 Internal Adaptors, are often forgotten about. IDE cables, SCSI I cables, and cables like SCSI Terminators, even though they have a cool name, are really not the most exciting of cables. These often-forgotten cables, such as SCSI III cables, are only seen when first building a computer, or when upgrading internal components. Although they are not seen very frequently, these cables are very important to a computer working properly -- or at all. SCSI I cables are also used externally in the form of VHDCI68 SCSI cables, Centronics 36, and HPDB68 among others. SATA or Serial ATA cables are a faster method of connecting internal drives, than IDE cables, if SATA is supported. ESATA is a newer external SATA connection for external drives. We also offer SAS cables and serial-attached SCSI II cables to take care of all your internal computer cable needs. For all of our tremendous electronic accessories, like our VHDCI 68 Internal Adaptors and our IDE cables, visit our online cable store, here at

SATA / SAS / SCSI / IDE cables and more

IDE cables in ATA66, 100 and 133 speeds; lengths from 18 to 48 inches.

HPDB68 and IDC 50 connectors; internal and external mounting.

IDC 50, HPDB50 and HPDB68 connectors; ribbon or round cable; lengths up to 60 inches.


SCSI adapters with DB25, CN50, HPDB50, HPDB68 and HPCN80 connections.

SCSI II serial cables with CN50, DB25 or HPDB50 connectors in lengths up to 10 feet.

SCSI III serial cables with CN50, DB25 or HPDB68 connectors in lengths up to 6 feet.

IDC 50, CN50, DB25, DB50, HPDB50, and HPDB68 SCSI terminators; active and passive styles available.

SATA and eSATA cables; serial ATA cards.

VHDCI 68 terminators and adapter.

VHDCI68 SCSI Cables with HPDB68, HPDB68 or CN50 connectors; lengths up to 6 feet.